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Feature Article 1: How to Build a Cadillac Research Memorandum: A Reprise

In 1991 I published the article "Advanced Legal Research and Writing: How to Build a Cadillac" (1991), 13 The Advocates Quarterly 232, which I later reprised in 2009 for a LESA Advanced Legal Research seminar, "How to Build a Cadillac Research Memorandum: A Reprise". This article was again updated in 2020.

In reviewing my 1991 article, I was struck by how quaint the article had become in the intervening years, with its discussion of the role of secretaries in the preparation of a legal research memorandum, and its assumption that all research lawyers would, at the outset, roll up their sleeves and get into a library.

Times have changed, but many of the basic tenets regarding the research process and the preparation of a Cadillac research memorandum still resonate.

In this paper I refer to the role of the "research lawyer", but I use this designation in a broad sense to encompass all lawyers who find themselves tasked with the preparation of a legal research memorandum.

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Feature Article 2: "Crib Notes on How to Write a Great Factum" (2018) 37:2 The Advocates' Journal 37

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